Whilst technology provides us with much of the information and updates essential to operating vessels globally, we believe that even the best automated systems are no substitution for real people with experience and genuine local knowledge.

We as agents will quietly and efficiently take care of all the regular routine task, 24/7. We will ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentations and port formalities are all arranged  without delay.

At the same time we can provide you with updates and reports so you have the up-to-the-minute information that you need at all times.

Our principals implicitly trust us to look after their business, wherever they operate, and whenever they ship, right across the world.

With our extensive raport with Singapore port authorities we can assure that your vessel have a good turn-around time, everytime!!!

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Services which we render are as follows:


· Ship Husbandary (Liner, Tramper and Protecting)

· Crew change

· Crew Manning (Bangladeshi, Ukrainian, Croatian, Russian, Burmese/Myanmarese, Filipino, Indian and  Indonesian)

· CTM delivery

· Dry Bulk Cargo and Liquid Cargo Loading/Discharging Operations

· Ship-to-ship transfer Operations (STS) 

· Oil sludge and slop disposal in port or at OPL

· Bunker supply and De-bunker Operations

· Fresh water supply in port and off-port limit

· Dry-docking

· Afloat ship repairs at anchorage and offshore supplies

· Handling and forwarding of spare parts

· Stevedoring and Port Services

· Emergency services


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Orqas Shipping Pte Ltd
25, International Business Park 

German Centre
Singapore 609916


Tel        : (65) 81764504

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24 hrs HOTLINE NO. +65 81764504

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